California's Turmoil Navigating Today's Challenges.

Sunday afternoon: California's vulnerabilities on full display.

Tropical Storm Hillary hits California, posing unprecedented rain hazards.

Rowena Fire grows to 1,900 acres, prompts evacuation of 275 homes in Oregon.

California's Ground-shaking Havoc:  When Earth Roars, Chaos Unfolds.

USGS: Epicenter 4 miles SE of Ojai, 80 miles NW of Los Angeles.

5.1-magnitude Ojai, Calif Earthquake unlikely to cause major damage.

No serious damage reported as earthquake felt near Ojai, Santa Barbara County.

Sunday's Earthquake moderate, unlike major California devastations.

1994 Los Angeles quake released 125x more energy than Ojai's recent.

Loma Prieta '1989 quake: 253x stronger than Ojai.