“No More FOMO: Pixel 8’s Killer Feature That Keeps You Ahead with Guaranteed Updates!”

No other phone can match the feature Google offered when it unveiled the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro today: both devices will receive Android OS updates, security fixes, and new feature updates for the ensuing seven years.

Pixel 8


That is a huge thing! A phone that functions vs one with glaring security flaws that needs to be discarded depends on ongoing support.

One could legitimately argue that this was the most significant announcement made by Google today.

The commitment is especially noteworthy for an Android phone because OS support frequently ends after only a few years.

Comparatively speaking, Google’s Pixel 7A and Pixel Fold, both of which were released this year, will stop receiving software updates in 2026 and security upgrades in 2028.

Both of these phones have only been promised three years of software updates, and one of them costs $1,799.

Without a doubt, that support pledge will put pressure on other manufacturers as well.

For the Galaxy S23 range, which starts at roughly $800, and its significantly more expensive Z Fold 5, Samsung only guarantees four years of OS upgrades and five years of security fixes.

Apple also makes no guarantees despite having a stellar track record for regular OS updates. (Fairphone, which guarantees a solid five OS upgrades but isn’t a significant participant in the phone industry, is Google’s sole true rival here.)

Google can now make this commitment for a number of reasons.

One significant example is the Tensor chip found within Pixel phones; like Apple, Google now has ownership over its processor and is not dependent on suppliers like Qualcomm to continue providing software support for legacy hardware.

That can actually be a barrier, as Fairphone noted a few years ago. (Google might have been able to commit to this sooner given that the Tensor series has now gone through three generations.)

Additionally, Google has gradually divided up Android into smaller parts.

Therefore, it would be wiser to see Google’s commitment as seven upgrades, whatever they may contain, rather than seven “full” versions of Android.

What “feature drops” these phones will receive also raises important problems for Google to address; even today, the corporation limited software features to its Pro phone only.

If Google decides at random which features get on any one phone, the commitment is less important.

But overall, Google deserves praise for making this guarantee. The Pixel 8 series will be some of the most durable smartphones of the decade if it actually retains it.

How much do the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro cost?

Pixel 8

The Pixel 8 series sees an increase in retail price by $100 across the board compared to the previous-generation devices. Here’s how US pricing breaks down in full:

  • Pixel 8 (128GB): $699
  • Pixel 8 (256GB): $759
  • Pixel 8 Pro (128GB): $999
  • Pixel 8 Pro (256GB): $1,059
  • Pixel 8 Pro (512GB): $1,179
  • Pixel 8 Pro (1TB): $1,399

What about features?

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

  • Best Camera Yet: The Pixel 8 Pro camera system includes updated, pro-level cameras for better low-light photos, sharper selfies, and Pixel’s best zoom ever. And with Pro you can enable advanced camera settings and full-resolution photography.


  • Security and Durability: With its durable design and IP68 protection, Pixel 8 Pro can handle slips, spills, and dust. And it’s scratch-resistant, with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus  2. With Google Tensor G3 and the Titan M2 security chip, Pixel is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe.


  • The Power Behind Google AI on Pixel: Google Tensor G3 is Pixel’s most powerful chip yet. It’s custom-designed with Google AI for cutting-edge photo and video features and smarter ways to help throughout the day.16 And it makes Pixel 8 super fast and efficient.
Pixel 8


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