“Goal or Luck? Trossard’s Deflected Effort Takes Arsenal vs. Manchester City to Shootout”

Arsenal and Manchester City will play each other for the third time in the Community Shield five days before the Premier League season starts.

The top two teams from the 2022/23 Premier League season play in this important event every year. It is the first match of England’s top-flight football season.

Due to a schedule conflict with the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, the match was played at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium last year.

But this time, the game will be back at Wembley Stadium, where Manchester City played just over two months ago.

The year before, Manchester City won the Premier League and the FA Cup.

This made Arsenal their opponent in the Community Shield, since Arsenal came in second place in the close race for the title, which stayed close until the last few weeks of the season.

Arsenal is the second-most successful team in the history of the Community Shield. However, they have won it five times less than Manchester United, which holds the record with 21 wins.

Manchester City has won the Community Shield six times, which puts them in a group of six teams that have won more than four times.

But they haven’t won since 2019, when they beat Liverpool on penalties. In the following years, they were unable to win. In 2021, they lost 1-0 to Leicester and in 2022, they lost 3-1 to Liverpool.

Arsenal vs Manchester City live score

1st half2nd HalfGoal scorers
Arsenal10Leandro Trossard (90+11)
Man City01Cole Palmer (77)


Starting lineups:

Arsenal (4-3-3): Ramsdale (GK) – Timber, White, Saliba, Gabriel – Partey, Rice, Odegaard – Saka, Martinelli, Havertz

Man City (4-2-3-1): Ortega (GK) – Walker, Dias, Stones, Akanji – Kovacic, Rodrigo – Silva, Grealish, Alvarez – Haaland

Arsenal vs Manchester City live updates, highlights, commentary

Penalty shootout: Arsenal 2-1 Man City (Bernardo Silva scores)

Almost perfect from Bernardo Silva, sending his strike into the corner of the net as Aaron Ramsdale goes in the opposite direction.

Penalty shootout: Arsenal 2-0 Man City (Leandro Trossard scores)

Arsenal are two goals ahead! Leandro Trossard places his penalty low after a short run-up. In!

Arsenal beats Man City 1-0 on penalties, but Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t score.

Right off the bottom of the right post! The shot by substitute Kevin De Bruyne hits the post and goes out!


Martin Odegaard scores for Man City, giving Arsenal a 1-0 win in a penalty shootout.


Martin Odegaard, the captain of Arsenal, gets his fans excited by curling a firm penalty kick to Stefan Ortega’s right. As the ball goes in, the goalie dives the other way.


Arsenal and Man City tied, 1-1.


Even though it wasn’t the last kick of the game, Leandro Trossard’s shot that was blocked means there will be penalties in the Community Shield!


After Cole Palmer’s great goal, City seemed to be in charge. As extra time got close, Arsenal sent more people forward, and Trossard’s risk paid off.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – APRIL 26: Emile Smith Rowe of Arsenal looks dejected after Erling Haaland of Manchester City (not pictured) scored their sides fourth goal during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal FC at Etihad Stadium on April 26, 2023 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)


On ITV Sport, Manchester United great Roy Keane says, “We’ve seen how both teams’ players and coaches reacted.” “They both want to win badly.”


Leandro Trossard scores the goal that makes it 1-1 after 90+11 minutes.


The corner taken by Trossard is tricky because it goes under the goal. Rodri’s header at the near post seemed to get City out of trouble, but Arsenal found Trossard again, and his feint gave him room outside the penalty area in the right channel.


The Belgium defender fires a shot at goal, which hits Manuel Akanji and goes past Stefan Ortega.


90+10 minutes: Man City 1, Arsenal 0


As the game goes into the 10th minute of extra time, Arsenal wins a corner kick on the left side. Is this it?


90+6 minutes: Man City 1, Arsenal 0


Man City is on track to beat Arsenal for the ninth time in a row.


90+3 minutes: Man City 1, Arsenal 0


Kyle Walker and Thomas Partey are both down with head injuries, which is a little scary.


Pep Guardiola is telling the officials something. Both players have a lot of bandages on their heads.


90 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


There will be eight minutes of extra time. If this game and yesterday’s EFL games are any indication, this season will have a lot of extra time.


88 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


Kai Havertz and Gabriel are replaced by Emile Smith Rowe and Fabio Vieira for Arsenal.


86 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


Cole Palmer had already given Arsenal a warning when he tried to score from this far away. Riyad Mahrez is leaving the club this summer, so at just 21 years old, he has made a strong case to become an important offensive player.


83 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


Rodri’s shot from the next corner is stopped by Ramsdale.


Arsenal is living on the edge. You think that if City scores a second goal at this point, they won’t be able to win.


82 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


Phil Foden was so close to scoring! With a diagonal run into the penalty area, Julian Alvarez takes out three Arsenal players. He then sends a low pass to a defender who is in a good position.


Ramsdale stops his goal with the inside of his thigh just as the England player was getting ready to celebrate.


79 minutes: Man City 1-0 Arsenal


Cole Palmer’s summer is getting better and better. The England player who won the UEFA EURO Under-21 with his country took a header from Kevin De Bruyne just inside the Arsenal penalty area on City’s right side. He then kept his balance and fired a beautiful shot past Aaron Ramsdale’s dive and into the far corner of the net.


Kieran Tierney, who had just replaced Jurrien Timber, fell down as Palmer tried to stop him from scoring, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Gabriel was the closest person to the shot, which was too accurate to be stopped.


The replacement did a wonderful job to put City ahead.


77 minutes: GOAL! Arsenal 1–1, Man City.


Beautiful strike!


74 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Leandro Trossard is now playing for Arsenal instead of Gabriel Martinelli. The Brazil international has been in the City box five times today, the same number as Bukayo Saka.


71 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


After a shot by Cole Palmer hits Jurrien Timber on its way over the goal, Phil Foden takes a corner kick. Ben White takes care of the risk.


68 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


From the right, Ben White sends in a cross. Bukayo Saka and Thomas Partey both can’t make a clean touch on it. Martin Odegaard asked for more noise, so the Arsenal fans let out a huge roar of excitement.


67 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Erling Haaland had a total of 13 touches, which is 12 less than Julian Alvarez, who had the next-lowest number of touches for City.


64 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Manchester City makes two more changes. Erling Haaland doesn’t score in his sixth game, so Cole Palmer comes in for him. Kevin De Bruyne replaces Mateo Kovacic, who just joined the team.


62 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Martin Odegaard tries to get the Arsenal fans to raise their voices by turning his hand in the air. This is a strange way to ask them to do so.


Bukayo Saka gets the ball on the right and passes it to Declan Rice, who sends it through the middle to Gabriel Martinelli, who is then free to go to the right.


Martinelli throws the ball back to Rice, and the club-record deal shoots way over the goal.


60 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Gabriel Martinelli’s cross from the free kick is a little too long for any of his targets.


58 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Phil Foden will play for City instead of Jack Grealish. Then, Ruben Dias gets hit hard near his own penalty area and steps on Bukayo Saka, who falls to the ground groaning.


Arsenal gets a free kick in a good spot on the right.


55 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Arsenal hasn’t made the most of the chances they had in the first half.



52 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Declan Rice loses the ball, and City gets a corner kick on the right from the next attempt.


Erling Haaland and Declan Rice are tussling in the middle of the penalty area, but it’s John Stones behind them who gets to jump while being pushed by Thomas Partey and send a header right at Aaron Ramsdale, who easily deflects it away.


Martin Odegaard is getting some attention, so both coaches can call their players over to tell them what to do. From what I can tell, both Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola have a lot to say and do.


49 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


The first part of the half has been quiet. Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard uses a trick to get his team past the halfway line. He plays a forward pass to Kai Havertz, but Havertz’s touch is too heavy.


Ruben Dias steps in, but he falls to the ground in pain. But it looks like he’ll be fine.


46 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


As the teams came back out, there was some high-profile banter between them. Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko, who was out with a calf injury, was laughing and joking with City’s regular goalkeeper Ederson before being jokingly pushed in the back by Jack Grealish.


The players, fans, and boss of the Cityzens all seem to like Zinchenko a lot.


Arsenal and Man City are tied 0-0 at halftime.


Kai Havertz came close to scoring for Arsenal at Wembley Stadium twice. Both times, he tested Stefan Ortega as part of an attack that looks just as interesting as it did for most of last season, even without Gabriel Jesus.


If City can find a way to score goals to go with their usual control of the ball, they will be upset that they didn’t score when they had the chance. Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez have been quiet compared to how they usually are. Rodri’s risky shot from the halfway line was the closest thing they’ve done.


44 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Julian Alvarez gets away on the right side and sends a low pass across the goal. It gets past a City boot by a hair, and William Saliba gets it at the far post.


43 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Rodri shoots from way out of range, just past the halfway line. His shot goes over Aaron Ramsdale, who is moving back, and hits the roof of the net, where the goalie gets tangled up.


There are some similarities to when Nayim played Arsenal in the 1995 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Final. “I don’t know why goalkeepers don’t wear caps,” says Lee Dixon, who played in that game and says that the sun made it hard for Ramsdale to do his job.


42 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


City has had about 70% of the ball, but both shots on goal have come from Arsenal’s Kai Havertz. Twice, Stefan Ortega has had to make quick decisions to stop Havertz’s shots.


39 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


On the right side, Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard work together. Then, Arsenal pass the ball to Gabriel Martinelli on the left side.


Gabriel sends a low ball through the middle of the field to try to find Kai Havertz. Even though it’s not very accurate, Havertz’s run keeps the attack going, and Arsenal sends the ball back to Saka on the other side of the field.


Saka comes in from the right side of the penalty area and sends a low pass back to Havertz, who is in space. Havertz fires in a low shot, which City’s goalkeeper Stefan Ortega saves well by parrying away.


36 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Bukayo Saka gets a pass on the right side of the penalty area, cuts inside, and curls in a shot before his defender can stop him. This is a common sight at Wembley.


Manuel Akanji and Jack Grealish were there, and both John Stones in the middle of the penalty area and the far post were missed by the shot.


34 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Gabriel Martinelli beats Kyle Walker on the left side, maybe for the first time today, and puts in a cross. John Stones swings at it and hits it out of play.


Martinelli then gives his speech from behind and beyond everyone. Wasteful.


33 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


When Stefan Ortega makes a mistake, Arsenal gets a corner kick on their right. Manuel Akanji heads the cross, and Bernardo Silva sends the ball away with a pass.


When City had most of the ball early on, it didn’t look like this game would be close.


32 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Julian Alvarez gets a yellow card because he kicked the ball away. There’s no question that it’s annoying, but it’s strange that the officials are making such a big deal out of it.


30 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Aaron Ramsdale and the rest of his back line have to be on their toes when they have the ball today, just like any other defense facing City.


Erling Haaland is closing in on the Arsenal goalie when he takes a slightly heavy touch on a pass and rolls the ball worryingly toward his own line.


Just in time, the England player hacks the ball clear.


27 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


There have been some questionable calls early on, but Kai Havertz should be booked for tripping John Stones as the defender tried to move forward with the ball.


The new forward made a mistake, but it won’t take away from the promise he showed when he turned and shot during that Arsenal attack.


25 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Best chance by a long shot so far! Ben White sends a cross from the right side of the field into the City penalty area. He beats Manuel Akanji with a deft touch.


The risk-taking defender sends a low pass to Kai Havertz in front of the goal. The striker quickly turns and fires a low shot on the turn, but Stefan Ortega saves it with his leg after readjusting well.


Gabriel Martinelli, who is on the left, gets a good look at the loose ball, and he fires a shot toward the far post. John Stones takes it full on the chest, not as a throw, and he’s off. Both sides did a great job.


23 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Mikel Arteta is on the move again. This is the least shocking thing to happen since these teams got their blue and red shirts.


This time, he’s not happy when Jurrien Timber cuts inside and Bernardo Silva puts a light hand on his back to stop him. The boss of Arsenal tells the fourth official, John Brooks, that the person who did it has done it twice before.


“Not every foul is a yellow card,” ITV Sport’s Lee Dixon says. “It’s okay to just give a foul.”


20 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


When Arsenal have the ball on the edge of their own penalty area, City goes after them quickly. However, their opponents do a great job of avoiding the press and starting their own fast attack.


Gabriel Martinelli tries to find Jurrien Timber, who is heading to the left City box. As part of the attack, Kai Havertz does a good job of holding the ball up.


17 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Arsenal tries to pass the ball together, but they can’t get out of their own half because Rodri trips Kai Havertz, which causes Mikel Arteta to act out a yellow card.


Stuart Attwell runs over to tell Arteta to be careful. People who don’t like how the passionate Spaniards act on the sidelines will be angry again this season.


14 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Thomas Partey hasn’t started out well for Arsenal. He gives City the ball on the edge of the penalty area, which Rodri uses to take a low shot that Declan Rice deflects wide. Rodri scores the winning goal in the Champions League final.


Jack Grealish’s corner from the left doesn’t count.


12 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal



10 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


City has had 85% of the ball, but neither a shot on goal nor a corner has been taken.


Bernardo Silva runs at Jurrien Timber, who is standing near the right edge of the penalty area. Just behind him, the player passes the ball to Kyle Walker, whose low cross is easy for Arsenal to get rid of.


8 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Thomas Partey gets a yellow card for gently pushing the ball away with the tip of his shoe. This season, the officials are getting tough on that.


Worth it to stop making small mistakes, or are you being too strict? Can’t wait for the player to get sent off for it and start acting out.


6 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Bukayo Saka loses the ball, which lets Akanji run down the left side and send in a dangerous cross. Julian Alvarez tries to clear it, but it’s just a little too high, and Ben White tries to knock it away.


So far, that’s the best start for either side. Gabriel kicks the ball out of his own penalty area, and Jurrien Timber asks for the game to be stopped because one of his shoes has come off.


4 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


Manuel Akanji almost stops moving with the ball at his feet just inside City’s half near the center circle. The players for Arsenal don’t move toward him. Then Ortega moves almost to the middle of his half to play a pass out.



2 minutes: Man City 0-0 Arsenal


“You take it seriously,” says Lee Dixon, a former fullback for Arsenal, on ITV Sport when talking about this match. Dixon thinks that players like how the last week of pre-season gets more intense.


Arsenal and Man City are tied, 0-0.


When Arsenal starts the game, City starts passing around at the back like they always do. Gabriel makes a mistake when he tries to take the ball from Julian Alvarez near the sideline.


5 minutes until the game starts, the shield has been ceremonially brought onto the field, and the players are in the tunnel. Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White take Kyle Walker up on his offer of a kiss.


Pep Guardiola walks up to Mikel Arteta and gives him a hug and a light tap on the chin while laughing. Now the teams are coming out, and the fireworks have to go off.


A big flag with the Gunners’ crest is flying, as is a flag for City that says “treble winners.” It’s sunny, and it looks like someone is about to start singing the national anthem.


25 minutes until kickoff: In all but one of the last nine games, the FA Cup winner has won the Community Shield.



45 minutes until kickoff: Team news! Jurrien Timber is a defender, Declan Rice is a midfielder, and Kai Havertz is a striker. All three are new to Arsenal’s starting team.


We know Gabriel Jesus won’t be able to play at the start of the season because he hurt his knee, so Havertz is in attack with Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli.


City hasn’t been caught off guard by anything big. Mateo Kovacic, who was bought from Chelsea in July, starts in the middle. New defender Josko Gvardiol is nowhere to be seen, and Kevin De Bruyne, who has been out for a while, is on the bench. Still hurt is Nathan Ake.


Arsenal (4-3-3): Ramsdale in goal, Timber, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Partey, Rice, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Havertz.


Man City (4-2-3-1): Ortega in goal, Walker, Dias, Stones, Akanji, Kovacic, Rodrigo, Silva, Grealish, Alvarez, Haaland.


1 hour until kickoff: These games don’t usually tell us much about how the season will go. In 2018, City was the only team to win both the Community Shield and the Premier League.


The Gunners have only lost two of their last 15 games at Wembley Stadium in all competitions. They have won nine of those games.



1 hour and 20 minutes until kickoff: Don’t forget to follow our Twitter and Instagram football feeds for the latest football news, stats, and analysis.


They’re all you need to play the beautiful game.



City has lost its last two Community Shield games, 1-0 to Leicester in 2021 and 3-1 to Liverpool last year. The game is set to start in 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Manchester United is the only team to have lost the match in three straight years. From 1998 to 2001, they lost four years in a row.



Hello, and welcome to The Sporting News’ broadcast of the 2023 Community Shield. The game starts in two hours.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the club’s former captain, has scored Arsenal’s last five goals at Wembley Stadium. Aubameyang left the club in February 2022 after he and Mikel Arteta had a fight.


No present Gunners player has scored for them at the national stadium, but they’ve won the last four times they’ve played in this one-off game since they lost 2-1 to Chelsea in 2005.


The way things are going, City couldn’t have asked for better opponents. The team that currently holds the Premier League title has beaten Arsenal in 15 of their last 16 games against them in all competitions. They have also won each of their last eight games against Arsenal.


But since the start of their season is only five days away, manager Pep Guardiola could put out a less than full-strength team and let his players not take this game as seriously as their last competitive match, the UEFA Champions League final on June 10.


We’ll soon know who Arteta and Guardiola pick to start, and then we’ll have live reports during the game!




Teams for Arsenal vs. Manchester City

Gabriel Jesus and Mohamed Elneny were out with knee problems, but Bukayo Saka came back after being sick.


Folarin Balogun and former City players Oleksandr Zinchenko (calf), Reiss Nelson (toe), and Albert Sambi Lokonga (muscle) all missed out.


The core of the starting team was made up of three new players: defender Jurrien Timber, midfielder Declan Rice, and forward Kai Havertz.


Arsenal’s 4-3-3 starting lineup: Ramsdale (GK) – Timber, White, Saliba, Gabriel – Partey, Rice, Odegaard – Saka, Martinelli, Havertz

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