“Justice Served: Lori Vallow Daybell Receives Multiple Life Sentences”

Monday, an Idaho mother who was found guilty of killing her two youngest children and her husband’s ex-wife in a horrible way was given the maximum sentence of life in jail without the chance of parole.

Lori Vallow Daybell was sentenced more than three years after the bodies of her 7-year-old son Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 16-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan were found in the rural eastern Idaho garden of her husband’s home.

 Lori Vallow Daybell

She got the maximum sentence of life in jail without the chance of parole for the first-degree murders of JJ and Tylee and the plot to kill Tammy Daybell, the ex-wife of her husband.

Judge Steven Boyce said that Vallow Daybell “needs to be held accountable separately for each of the three murders,” so the three sentences will be served in order.

Vallow Daybell was also given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole.

She was found guilty on two different counts of plotting to kill her two children.

She was also found guilty of grand theft and given a 10-year prison term. The counts will happen at the same time as the three murder charges.

“Jesus gets me,” Lori Vallow Daybell says.

Monday, Vallow Daybell told the court, “Jesus knows me and Jesus gets me. I feel sad with everyone else who is sad about my children and Tammy. Jesus Christ knows what happened here is true.

Jesus Christ knows that nobody was killed here. Deaths happen by accident. There are suicides. Medication can have side affects that kill.


Boyce said during the sentencing that he doesn’t think Vallow Daybell “has any remorse for the effort and heartache you caused.”


Boyce said, “It’s crazy that you’re your age and have never been in trouble with the law before, but now you’re sitting here guilty of the most serious charges.”

“It’s hard to imagine that a mother would kill her own children, but that’s exactly what you did. Even though the jury found you guilty based on a lot of evidence, you still came to court today and said you didn’t do it.


Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan are both missed by a brother.

Colby Ryan, Vallow Daybell’s oldest estranged son, said in a victim impact statement that “generations have been affected by these murders.”


After a five-week trial this spring that included graphic images and emotional testimony from Ryan, who once yelled at his mother during a jail call, “You killed my siblings!”, it only took the jury seven hours to decide that Ryan was guilty.


“My kids will never meet their uncles, aunts, or grandparents. Ryan said on Monday, “Tylee and JJ brought so much light into the world.”

“Tylee will never be able to become a mother, get married, or have the job she was meant to have. JJ will never be able to grow and share his light with the world the way he did.”


The sentencing of Vallow Daybell brings an end to a terrible case in which children were found as “pieces of bone and charred flesh,” as one detective said during the hearing.

Prosecutors said the killings were “premeditated and planned,” which got the attention of people all over the world and led to rumors and drama.

“This accused person broke the most important trust in society, and she did it for money.

She did it to get paid. “If a defendant is willing to kill her own kids, she is willing to kill anyone,” said state prosecutor Rob Wood on Monday.

“The only way to keep this criminal off the streets is to give him a life sentence without the chance of parole.”

The prosecution said killings were caused by “money, power, and sex.”

Prosecutors said that Vallow Daybell, who was 50 at the time, used her late brother Alex Cox, who killed her fourth husband Charles Vallow by shooting him, to get her boyfriend, Chad Daybell, to help her carry out the crimes.

Wood said that the trial was about “money, power, and sex,” and he asked the jury to find Vallow Daybell guilty of killing her kids and Tammy Daybell.

Prosecutors said that the strange plan the couple came up with was a plan to steal money from Social Security and insurance.


“Because of the decisions you made, my family lost a mother, sister, aunt, and daughter who were all very important to us.

“She can never be replaced,” said Tammy Daybell’s sister, Samantha Gwilliam, in a victim impact statement on Monday.

“Every day, I miss my sister. I will be sad for the rest of my life about both her and the death of my mother. I choose to forget you, and as I leave the courtroom today, I choose to never think of you again.”


Vallow Daybell’s lawyer said that she was a caring, loving mother whose life got worse when she fell for Chad Daybell, who wanted to be a cult leader, and his end-of-the-world religious views. Chad Daybell will be tried separately, and if he is found guilty of his role in the killings, he could get the death sentence.

No one knows when his trial will start.


Vallow Daybell said, “I’ve always been sad when a loved one died, and I’ve lost a lot of them in this mortal world.”

“I know more than most people, though. I know what they are doing and where they are. I know how great heaven is, and I miss it every single day.

Heaven is better than anything you can think of. I don’t worry about dying, but I’m ready for it.”


Vallow Daybell’s defense says that he is “a very misunderstood person.”

John Thomas, who works for Vallow Daybell’s defense team, said Monday that Daybell “is a very misunderstood person” whose “motto is love is the key.”


“We feel bad for the people hurt by this,” Thomas said.

“This case has caused a lot of pain, and pain can sometimes show itself as hate.

Lori Daybell is possibly the most hated person in the U.S. and maybe even the world right now. But that hate will never bring peace to the victims, and it will never help those who have been hurt by this case to feel better.


Vallow Daybell told her friends that her kids were “zombies” and that she was a goddess who was sent to bring about the end of the world in the Bible.


Vallow Daybell talks about death and coming back to life.

Vallow Daybell told the court Monday that she died while giving birth to Ryan in 2002 and went to heaven before doctors brought her back to life. She said that this gave her “access to heaven and the spirit world.”


She went on to say that she can talk to her children and Tammy Daybell, who are both in Heaven. Vallow Daybell said that the victims have called out to her from heaven and told her that they “are happy and busy in the spirit world.”


Boyce talked about her alleged religious motives at one point.


“As the state was able to prove at your trial, you chose the most evil and destructive path possible,” he said. “You killed those children… and you made up a weird religious excuse for it all, and it looks like you are still there.”


“Lori should pay”

Tammy Daybell’s father, Ronald Douglas, wrote an impact statement that Gwillian Monday read to the court.


“Tammy’s death came as a shock, and it affected all of us deeply,” Douglas wrote. “We still don’t know what the long-term effects of what she did will be.

The rules of mortals say that Lori needs to pay for what she did. She will still have to answer for her actions according to God’s rules when she dies.


During Vallow Daybell’s trial, Rexburg police detective Ray Hermosillo said that JJ’s body was bound with duct tape, wrapped in plastic, and buried under a tree in Chad Daybell’s garden.

Her daughter Tylee’s body had been burned and destroyed. A mass of blood and tissue had been put in a partly melted plastic bucket and buried in a part of the Daybells’ backyard that they called the “pet cemetery,” Hermosillo said.


John Delatorre, a forensic and disaster psychologist who has been following the case from the beginning, said that many of Vallow Daybell’s critics thought that her crimes should have made her eligible for the death sentence, just like Chad Daybell.

Vallow Daybell could get the death penalty if he is found guilty, but Judge Boyce has already decided against him.


Delatorre said, “I think most people are a little sad that the death penalty was taken away.”


At Vallow Daybell’s sentencing hearing on Monday, his lawyer, Thomas, said that taking away the choice of the death penalty is “a win for all of humanity.”


Lori Vallow Daybell is being charged with murder again.

Vallow Daybell is also facing more charges in Arizona for allegedly helping to plan killings and attempted murders in 2019.


In May, Vallow Daybell was charged with plotting to kill Brandon Boudreaux, who was married to her niece’s sister.

This comes after she was charged with plotting to kill Charles Vallow, her fourth husband and JJ’s father, in a different case in 2021.


In a victim impact statement, JJ’s grandma, Kay Woodcock, said that Monday “marks 1,481 days of terror,” starting with the death of her brother, Charles Vallow.


“This was the start of her cruel campaign of terror,” Woodcock said. “It killed JJ and Tylee, two innocent children, and Tammy, a loving mother, grandmother, and wife.”

“JJ and Tylee could have lived happy lives with us. Instead, she took all of that away because she is a monster who only cares about money and power.


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