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Dark Winds’ Season 2-The second season premiere of “Dark Winds” is set to air on AMC on Sunday, July 30, 2023, at 9 p.m. EST. The plot is sure to keep viewers interested.

The crime story is based on Tony Hillerman’s well-known “Leaphorn & Chee” book series. It takes place in a Navajo Nation town in the 1970s. The show is about the strange events that happen in the area.

Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, played by Zahn McLarnon and Kiowa Gordan, are in charge of the probes. AMC+ says that the show is a new, exciting Southwestern Noir that mixes mystery and drama.


Dark Winds' Season 2

If you’re a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you may watch “Dark Winds” online for free via a trial deal on one of the following streaming platforms:

Philo TV offers a seven-day free trial. This is one of the most affordable streaming services, with a monthly fee of only $25.

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AMC is also available on Sling TV, however there is no free trial.


AMC’s streaming service, AMC+, also has “Dark Winds” available.

About Dark Winds’ Season 2

Six days earlier…. an explosion outside a hospital where Joe’s wife Emma was waiting for a patient sparks an investigation and the debut of A Martinez’s Sheriff Gordo Sena.

Leaphorn deduces that the explosion was caused by a bomb, and that the victim was the brother of the man who informed Joe Jr. years before that there would be an explosion at the oil-drilling site where he worked (and so “accidentally” perished).

Dark Winds' Season 2
“Dark Winds” Courtesy of Stalwart Productions


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As Joe searches for the deceased’s son, Tomas Charley, we meet Jim Chee, a private investigator who, after assisting a little old lady, meets a new client, the lovely Rosemary Vines.

She claims that her and her husband BJ’s home was just burgled, and she merely wants the box stolen from the safe returned.

She alleges that Tomas Charley was seen exiting the scene with a box in his hand, and she feels that the heist was “payback” for her husband severing (financial) links with the People of Darkness rez gang.

Chee and Leaphorn cross paths shortly after the latter obtained a map from Tomas heading to the Malpais, where the box was brought to be used in some sort of curse-breaking ritual.

When Leaphorn and Chea arrive at the spot, Joe discovers a burned Navajo Rodeo buckle with Joe Jr’s name carved on the back behind some singed papers.

“This belonged to my son,” a visibly distressed Leaphorn told Chee. “Wore it on the day he died.”

The intimacy is then cut short by a rifle shot that wings Chee, fired from the frigid open by the same tall blonde man.

Chee and Leaphorn try to return fire if they don’t get an ID on their assailant, but a lit rag jammed into the gas tank of Joe’s truck causes an explosion, blowing up their plan and leaving them stranded miles from anywhere.

With Leaphorn already on the hunt for a brutal killer, how will the possibility that Joe Jr.’s presumed-accidental death is somehow connected to this new mystery eat at him in the five episodes to come?

“Joe’s moral code gets challenged quite a bit throughout the season,” Dark Winds star Zahn McClarnon told TVLine in a late-June Zoom.

“When he discovers evidence of what really happened to his son, he wrestles with what justice and revenge mean.”

Leaphorn’s deep struggle, despite his efforts to shelter wife Emma from it, “affects his relationships around him,” McClarnon hinted.

This fits into one of Season 2’s underlying themes of “restoring balance,” according to the actor.

“Has he crossed the line?” “You must stay tuned…” McClarmon replied. “Joe lives with a lot of guilt about his son because being a man in the 1970s was a little different than being a man today.”

He couldn’t defend his family and carries that guilt with him.

So picture locating the murderer of your own child. What does that individual deserve? And does Joe have the chance to seek justice? It’s a complicated scenario, and the public will have to keep tuned.”Dark Winds' Season 2



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