“New Thriller Alert: Amazon Prime Video Brings Harlan Coben’s ‘Shelter’ to Your Screens”

Prepare for an exciting new series brimming with unexpected developments: “Shelter” by Harlan Coben.

Prime Video, a widely popular streaming platform known for its captivating dramas, as well as its growing collection of original shows and diverse film selection, is introducing a significant addition to its array of series this week.


The spotlight is on “Shelter,” a series that signifies Harlan Coben’s first-ever partnership with Prime Video. Below, you’ll find comprehensive information about this intriguing show.

With his newly acquired friends, Mickey endeavors to explore the hidden enigmas of Kasselton, aiming to reveal unsettling realities that question the town’s perplexing history of vanishings.

As outlined in the synopsis, “Shelter,” authored by Harlan Coben, follows Mickey Bolitar’s journey in the aftermath of his father’s sudden passing, propelling him to initiate a fresh chapter of life in Kasselton, New Jersey.”

In rapid succession, Mickey becomes entwined in the perplexing vanishing of a recent student at his school, Ashley Kent, setting in motion the discovery of inconceivable secrets lurking within their tranquil suburban neighborhood.

The central focus of the series revolves around Mickey Bolitar (portrayed by Jaden Michael), who, following his father’s unexpected passing, relocates to the serene suburban community of Kasselton, New Jersey, accompanied by his aunt.

The storyline takes a dramatic twist when another newcomer, a young girl, goes missing, prompting Mickey to embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind her enigmatic vanishing.

Could Mickey’s pursuit of the truth also bring to light concealed truths about both the town and his intricate family history?

The show’s summary alludes to a concealed underbelly beneath Kasselton’s outward charm, where the origins of age-old disappearances, deaths, and myths are concealed.

“Harlan Coben’s Shelter” is scheduled for its debut on Prime Video, with the initial three episodes premiering on Friday, August 18, 2023.

Following this, subsequent episodes will be released on a weekly basis, every Friday, until the final episode airs on Friday, September 22.


The cast of “Harlan Coben’s Shelter” features up-and-coming talents, with Jaden Michael leading the ensemble.

Jaden Michael, recognized for his notable role in Netflix’s “Colin in Black and White,” has previously portrayed Colin Kaepernick in an Ava DuVernay drama series.

In “Harlan Coben’s Shelter,” Michael assumes the challenging character of Mickey Bolitar. The cast also includes Adrian Greensmith as Arthur “Spoon” Spindell, Abby Corrigan embodying Ema Winslow, and numerous others.


Where can I watch Harlan Coben’s shelter?

Harlan Coben’s Shelter will be available to stream on Prime Video. Available for $14.99/month (or $139/year), you can watch the streaming service via the Prime Video app on smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, game consoles, and connected TVs.

How many episodes of shelter are there in prime?

There are eight episodes of Harlan Coben’s Shelter. Each episode totals to approximately one hour and the finale is slated for release on Friday 22nd September. Video Player is loading.

What Harlan Coben dramas are on Netflix?

Strange disappearances, dark secrets and intense mysteries unfold in this eclectic collection of crime thriller series based on Harlan Coben’s bestsellers.
  • The Stranger.
  • The Innocent.
  • Safe.
  • Gone for Good.
  • Stay Close.
  • The Woods.
  • Hold Tight.
What happens at the end of shelter book?

In the end Ashley gets away and we learn that Bat Lady is really a Holocaust survivor. But more astonishing, she has a photo of the SS butcher who killed her family.

And to top it off, Mickey remembers the same man taking his father during the car accident.

What happens in the book shelter?

What’s the Story? Having witnessed his father’s death in a car crash and with his mother now in rehab, Mickey Bolitar is finding his first weeks at a new high school difficult.

The only bright spot is his new girlfriend, Ashley, and when she disappears suddenly, Mickey vows to learn what happened to her.

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