Emergency Funds Freeze: The Cash App Outage You Need to Know About

Business owners are at a loss as a result of disruptions and “degraded performance” plaguing online payment provider Square.


The contactless payment platform’s “multiple” services have been suspended both domestically and internationally, with Square becoming aware of the problem at 3 a.m. on Friday.


They stated that the business’ engineers were “actively working on a fix” in a statement.


The “degraded performance” was still present as of 10:15 a.m. across numerous services.


Square offered no explanation for the downtime, stating simply “issues”.

The company issued a statement saying, “We understand how crucial it is for your business that our services be available, and we are actively working toward a fix.”

Small and medium-sized retail and hospitality enterprises are the main users of the payment system, and they can utilize Square to take credit cards and contactless payments.

The outage has sparked outrage among small businesses owners who claim they have suffered a direct loss of revenue due to Friday’s outage.

General Manager of Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, Rhiannon Druce, said she had been forced to ask customers to “come back and pay with cash”.

“Eighty per cent of our customers pay with card and that isn’t happening today because of technical issues with Square that’s being felt across the country,” she said.


Since the Square platform is down, we don’t yet know how long we will be unable to accept card payments from our consumers. Telstra is already here to resolve internet issues caused by storms last weekend.

We actually had problems with Square three days ago, and we completely replaced the hardware, which we received yesterday, but today it’s not working because of a bigger problem that will affect businesses all over the world,” the person said.


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